Wireless Sensing

Mission & goals

We provide a broad range of R&D solutions in RFID and wireless sensing supported by VTT’s extensive interdisciplinary know-how and in-house technology platforms in order to enhance the business of our customers. Our activities cover RFID and wireless systems from low frequency to mm-waves. VTT develops novel solutions to improve the performance level of RFID systems. Modern equipment and excellent facilities, like micro- and nanofabrication services and anechoic chambers, provide exceptional opportunities for fabrication and characterization of components. VTT is collaborating with many of the European key players in the field of RFID.

Dynamic economic growth and the future viability of companies in the global competition will boost the deployment and implementation of RFID and wireless technologies in many branches of business. RFID has been identified as one of the cornerstones of the upcoming Internet of Things and the focus is slowly shifting from conventional RFID towards next generation pervasive networked and interconnected systems. Smart RFID devices are seen as an important part of this development. The overall performance level and functionality of today’s RFID technology cannot meet these requirements and new solutions must thus be developed. 

Solutions & research topics

  • Cost-efficient, generic and application specific high performance tags (all-platform tags, tags for harsh environment, biodegradable tags etc.)
  • Adaptive RF solutions for RFID readers including compact reader modules for handheld devices
  • Embedded and integrated solutions combining RFID with products and other technologies
  • RFID based wireless sensors from passive disposable sensors to semi-passive data loggers
  • Novel smart RFID devices with enhanced capabilities like mass memory and faster protocols
  • Development of wireless sensor solutions based on other standardized or proprietary protocols
  • Novel passive wireless sensor paradigm development
  • NFC based solutions (sensing, wireless power transfer, new paradigms)
  • Hybrid RFID solutions (silicon based + printed components)
  • RFID based localization of passive and semi-passive tags (logistics, animals, etc.)
  • Millimetre wave identification
  • Industrial measurement solutions (sensors, electronics, embedded software)

References & merits

  • Several commercial follow-up products including RFID tags, readers, antennas and ICs
  • RFID based tracking technology for the forest industry (tags, readers, tools)
  • Tailored RFID solutions for companies (e.g. Nokia, UPM RFID, Kone, Atmel, Korea Telecom)
  • Numerous patents, patent applications and scientific publications
  • Central role in many EU projects (Indisputable Key, MINAmI, Adose, Asset, Mimosa, Apollo etc.)
  • Strong involvement in European RFID cluster and road mapping activities



Kaj Nummila

Team Leader / Key Account Manager

Tel. +358 20 722 5773

E-mail: kaj.nummila [at] vtt [dot] fi