RF Devices


The mission of the RF Devices team is to combine knowledge in thin films physics and processing with device physics, especially in the fields of microacoustics and RF, to develop novel components and provide expert services to the industry.


  • Develop micro-acoustic resonator and filter technologies for the future demands of mobile radios and portable electronics.
  • Widen the scope of application of piezo-actuation in MEMS.
  • Provide new materials, new functionality and improved performance for micro-acoustic and MEMS devices.


  • Micro-acoustics (BAW, SAW, MEMS) for RF applications: physics, design, modelling, and prototyping.
  • Piezo-actuation and readout of MEMS.
  • Piezoelectric and ferroelectric thin films for micro-acoustics, piezo-actuation in MEMS  sensors.
  • Thin films deposition process development, characterization and device process integration.

Recent results

  • Passive temperature compensation of Si MEMS resonators by heavy doping.
  • 2 GHz laterally acoustically coupled BAW filter with 5% relative bandwidth.
  • ScAlN BAW resonators at 2GHz with K2 of 9.5%.

Contact information

Tuomas Pensala

Tel. +358 20 7226631

E-mail: tuomas.pensala [at] vtt [dot] fi