Mission of your team: Development of high-performance (cryogenic) electronics and sensors and their applications in science and industry, Applications of Josephson junction devices.

Most important goals: Promoting applications of cryogenic sensors for medical, space and security applications, quantum limited amplifiers

Research topics: Magnetic field sensors for MEG (Magnetoencephalography) and MEGMRI, SQUID readout amplifiers for Transition edge sensor arrays, parametric Josephson amplifiers, cryomultiplexing, electric impedance measurement circuits, THz imaging, cryogenic measurements down to < 10 mK.

Recent results: SQUIDs for combined MEG and MRI imaging, Josephson junction GHz amplifier approaching quantum noise limit, up to 128-channel impedance measurement circuit integrated on an ASIC, THz scanner based on superconducting bolometers, nanowire thermoacoustic transducers for ultrasonic applications, low-cost printed electric coding system for product and document authentication.


Panu Helistö, DTech

Principal scientist, Team leader

Tel +358 20 722 6827

E-Mail: panu.helisto [at] vtt [dot] fi