Photonic Sensors

Mission of our team:

We innovate and develop new photonic sensors and solutions for measurement devices and specialty instrumentation. We are specialized more in making devices small and robust rather than large and complex. We commonly use spectrometry as the measurement principle, utilizing interferometers and filters. Often our technical solutions include imaging capabilities.

Research topics:

We are studying and developing a multitude of spectral sensors, such as gas sensors, utilizing Fabry-Perot interferometers and other MOEMS components. A specialty of our Fabry-Perot know-how is miniaturized hyperspectral imagers for UAV and nanosatellite applications. We also develop hand-held measurement instrumentation for e.g. Point-Of-Care applications utilizing imaging sensors.



Recent results:

  • Lightweight hyperspectral imager for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Chemical imager instrument for pharmaceutical applications
  • Hyperspectral medical imaging device
  • Miniaturized MEMS-based spectral imager device for the visible range
  • Miniaturized spectrometer for inline automotive fuel quality sensing: EURIPIDES project 2008-2011 coordinated by Continental Automotive SAS
  • Portable imaging bioassay readers
  • Several operational space instruments for NASA/ESA missions (Cassini, OMI/EOS-AURA, GOMOS/ENVISAT, TWINS)
  • Imaging Spectral Signature Instrument (ISSI) for the European Space Agency

 Recent Publications


Uula Kantojärvi 

Senior Scientist, Team Leader

Tel: +358 40 738 5084

E:mail: Uula.Kantojarvi [at] vtt [dot] fi