Organic Devices

Our goal and mission is to develop and promote the utilization of organic functional devices in general and electronic devices in particular through material and device level research. Thus the team concentrates on thin film, multilayer and complete functional device characterization both as a pre-study before shifting to pilot scale development in other teams within the technology centre, and for detailed characterization of samples and products from the pilot lines and other teams. The main goal for the team as a whole is to obtain a wide knowledge and know-how on functional devices based on organic materials, in particular conjugated polymers and oligomers, especially electronic devices such as transistors, diodes, capacitors, batteries, and various indicators and sensors as well as circuits of these devices such as transistor or sensor arrays. Our target is to maintain and develop a diverse range of device manufacturing and characterization methods that will allow us to report breakthrough results and invent novel manufacturing methods device geometries and functions.

Our research topics include:

  • Developing the Potential of Organic Field Effect Transistors and Other Electronic Components
  • New Processing Techniques for Conjugated Polymers and Inherently Conducting Polymers and related material
  • Thin film characterization for organic devices (morphology, topography, chemical properties, etc.)
  • Device development of organic electronic devices and sensors, including metal lead patterning through novel processing methods
  • Material research related to organic electronics on functional organic materials, including conjugated polymers, polymer insulators and conductors, electrolytes, graphene/carbon nanotubes etc.

  Our work is divided between public financed projects (mainly EC FP7) and commission research. Material testing and process development related work is mainly performed in the latter while the publicly funded projects are more related to device optimization and basic device research.



Henrik Sandberg
Senior Scientist, Team Leader
Tel:+358 40 501 1822
E-mail: Henrik.Sandberg [at] vtt [dot] fi