MEMS Sensors

  • VTT has been a forerunner in developing low noise and temperature stable resonators since 1999.

  • VTT MEMS based 3D magnetometer is developed both for consumer applications and for fusion power plant ITER.

  • VTT has a world record in MEMS sensor stability. Measured stability of the ac voltage reference was ± 2 ppm over one month.


MEMS technology provides a cost efficient way to produce sensors in high volumes. However, development costs and lack of ramp-up production facilities makes the development of new sensors challenging. Our team is part of VTT High Performance Microsystem value chain that offers a seamless one stop service from idea to production. The customer benefit realizes in faster development time and reduced R&D cost.


Main competence areas:

• Design, modelling and simulation of sensors

• Read-out electronics design and implementation

• Testing of sensors in laboratory and real application environment

• Sensor packaging

• Measurement system design and implementation

• Wireless interface development for sensors


Ongoing sensor development include:

• Microphone

• Pressure sensor

• Acoustic emission

• Gas sensors

• Resonators

• Magnetometer


Anu Kärkkäinen

Research Scientist, PhD

Tel. +358 20 7224377

E-mail: anu.karkkainen [at] vtt [dot] fi