Inorganic devices

The mission of our  team is to develop enabling technologies for printed electronics applications.Our most important goals are

  • New high-performance materials and processes for printed electronics.
  • Application-relevant device, concept and demonstrator developments.

Research topics.

  •  Inorganic metal and metal-oxide materials for high performance conductor, semiconductor and insulator structures.
  • Low-temperature sintering processes enabling highly-conducting metal nanoparticle structures on plastic and paper substrates.
  • Devices and circuits for key components such as memory and logic.
  • Hybrid integration approach for optimum utilization of printed and non-printed technologies.

Recent results.

  • Electrical sintering process for metal nanoparticle inks demonstrated in roll-to-roll environment
  • Publication on chemical sintering
  • Publications on Write-once-read-many (WORM) memory technology
  • Demonstration of WORM based data card for conference visitor feedback form
  • Metal-oxide-based materials for insulators, ferroelectrics and semiconductors



Ari Alastalo

Principal Scientist, Team Leader, D.Sc.(Tech.)

Tel:  +358 40 537 6198

Email:    ari.alastalo [at] vtt [dot] fi