We develop antenna elements, arrays and antenna systems for wireless data communications and sensing applications. Applications include mobile phone antennas, RFID tag antennas as well as base station and radar antennas.

The focus of the research is on the growth of antenna functionality. We improve the functionality of small antennas with, for example, semiconductor or micro-mechanical (MEMS) control components. The functionality of an antenna array can be enhanced also by digital signal processing (DSP). With this technique the antenna gain can be maximised in the direction of the desired signal and at the same time a radiation pattern null can be arranged in the direction of an interfering signal. In applied electromagnetics, we analyse radar cross-section of objects and develop electromagnetic models for RF components and structures. For antenna measurements, we have two anechoic test chambers with versatile test instrumentation. For electrical characterisation of material samples, we have developed test methods operating up to 110 GHz.


In wireless communications there is a constant trend towards higher bit rates. As a consequence, new frequency bands come into use. In radio design this means that the multi-radio concept must be utilised to scope with several air interfaces. That's why there is an urgent need for tunable low-cost antennas with a small volume and high efficiency which operate with various radio systems and in different use cases. In addition, 60 GHz and E band communications is entering the commercial phase due to the rapid development of CMOS technology. This opens new applications for tiny low-cost millimeter-wave antenna arrays.


We offer, for example, the following solutions to our customers:

  • tunable and reconfigurable antenna designs for wireless systems up to 6 GHz
  • compact 60 GHz and E band antenna designs
  • advanced antenna designs starting from EM simulations up to tested prototypes
  • accurate modelling of RF components and structures
  • antenna and material parameter measurements up to 110 GHz


The customer benefits from the results of successful development projects that are based on the following expertise and facilities:

  • highly educated research team with innovative character
  • exceptional in-house access to relevant technologies (MEMS components, RF and electronic design, integrated passive components, LTCC and thin-film manufacture, module and packaging technology, sensors, antenna signal DSP processing)
  • up-to-date EM simulation tools (i.e. HFSS, CST and IE3D) and versatile test instrumentation up to 110 GHz
  • in-depth theoretical knowledge combined with excellent understanding of application and industrial    requirements

References and merits

References and merits include:

  • outstanding record with industrial customers
  • numerous invention reports and publications
  • CAST radar cross-section analysis software


Jouko Aurinsalo

Principal Research Scientist, Team Leader

Tel: +358 20 722 5606

E-mail:jouko.aurinsalo [at] vtt [dot] fi

Arto Hujanen

Senior Research Scientist

Tel: +358 20 722 5659

E-mail: arto.hujanen [at] vtt [dot] fi