Active Silicon Devices

The mission of the team is to develop active and passive integrated and discrete device solution for the foreign and domestic customers. The goals of the team are to

  • offer active and passive circuit technology for the customer needs
  • develop the leading edge solutions for the radiation detection

 Research topics

  • radiation detectors for wide range of applications
  • 3D interconnection technology for the imaging and the MEMS sensors
  • active silicon devices for power and interface circuits
  • passive integrated circuits on quartz and silicon for the RF applications

Recent results

  • through silicon via interconnects for a MEMS sensor customer
  • low-cost pixelization process for CdTe image sensors
  • process development for a novel power LDMOS device
  • fabrication of a JFET device for radiation sensing preamplifier
  • multi project process run on the edge active pixel detectors for 18 foreign customers
  • polyimide based passive integration technology with the MEMS switch capacitors for the GHz and THz applications


Mika Prunnila
Principal Scientist, Team Leader