The Micronanobio Ecosystem

A new innovation ecosystem combines the strengths in micro-, nano- and biotechnology research in Otaniemi campus.

The Micronova infrastructure facilitates a prosperous ecosystem development. The future focus areas comprise personalised health monitoring, efficient bioprocessing, energy availability and environment sensing.

 A multidisciplinary group of experts from VTT, Aalto University, industry, City of Espoo and other interest groups explored the new possibilities in a series of workshops. The final report was presented in an open seminar on 28 Oct 2013.

The micronanobio ecosystem - a New Innovation Environment in Otaniemi (pdf)

For more information

Mika Koskenvuori
Director, Aalto Nanofab
tel. +358 50 3811 802
firstname.lastname [at] aalto [dot] fi


VTT in Micronova
Arto Maaninen
Vice President, Knowledge intensive products and services
Tel: +358 40 746 3117
E-mail: arto.maaninen [at] vtt [dot] fi

Aalto in  Micronova
Harri Lipsanen
Tel:+ 358 9 4702 3123
E-mail: harri.lipsanen [at] aalto [dot] fi