In order to get access to the cleanroom a new user needs basic cleanroom training, safety training and information about the use of chemicals. This training is given by VTT’s cleanroom manager and Aalto’s operating engineer respectively with the help of slides and training videos. This training package is followed by an exam.

The schedule for cleanroom training courses can be found on the front page. VTT’s training course is arranged by

The next step is hands-on training in how to use wet benches, microscopes and other basic equipment. Equipment training is always given by the main user/tool responsible. After sufficient training to ensure that the person can use the equipment safely, and knows how to act in unexpected situations he will be added to the list of licensed users and get rights to book the tool with the LIMS Micronova booking system.

During the first few months a new cleanroom employee will also receive quality training and instructions about available processes steps and how to set up a process flow.


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