Services Offered by Micronova Nanofabrication Centre

The services provided by Micronova Nanofabrication Centre to external users include:

  • Use of Nanofab’s processing and measurement equipment. The equipment is used either by the the customer’s personnel or Nanofab staff depending on type of equipment. The agreement can be made on a permanent basis (annual contracts) or for shorter periods.
  • Consultancy concerning process flows and equipment preference
  • Cleanroom training and safety training is given to all new Nanofab users Equipment use training is given for specific tools by equipment responsible person/main user before a new user can start using the equipment independently
  • Small-scale processing and measurement services (limited number of equipment)
  • Renting of cleanroom space to customer with own, dedicated equipment


Contact person: Heini Saloniemi, VTT

R&D services in the field of microelectronics and nanotechnology as well as services in prototyping and small-volume production are provided by VTT knowledge centers and departments from  several departments of Aalto University.


VTT at Micronova
Howard Rupprecht
Vice President, Micronova Manufacturing Services
Tel. +358 407 360 685
Email: howard.rupprecht [at] vtt [dot] fi

Aalto at Micronova
Mika Koskenvuori
Director of Aalto Nanofab
Tel. +358 50 381 1802
Email: mika.koskenvuori [at] aalto [dot] fi

Howard Rupprecht, CEO
Tel. +358 407 360 685
Email: howard.rupprecht [at] vtt [dot] fi