Safety in the working environment is given high priority in Micronova Nanofabrication Centre. The main responsibility lies with the safety team both for personnel safety, alarm systems and equipment risk assessment.

The rescue team is trained for first aid and handling of any exceptional situations such as fire, gas leaks, chemical spills and accidents involving chemicals.

Fire protection is based on a sampling fire detection system covering the cleanrooms and plenum areas and an automatic water fog extinguishing system. Wet benches and fumehoods are protected by carbon dioxide extinguishing which is triggered by flame detectors.

The toxic gas alarm system utilizes electrochemical sensors and will give an alarm to evacuate the building upon detection of very small concentrations of toxic gases. The detectors are placed in gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and other locations where leaks need to be detected. An alarm will also cause the gas cylinder to be shut-off. All cabinets and equipment in which toxic, explosive or corrosive gases are used are connected to a UPS supported exhaust system.


VTT at Micronova
Howard Rupprecht
Vice President, Micronova Manufacturing Services
Tel. +358 407 360 685
Email: howard.rupprecht [at] vtt [dot] fi

Aalto at Micronova
Mika Koskenvuori
Director of Aalto Nanofab
Tel. +358 50 381 1802
Email: mika.koskenvuori [at] aalto [dot] fi

Howard Rupprecht, CEO
Tel. +358 407 360 685
Email: howard.rupprecht [at] vtt [dot] fi