Micronova Nanofabrication Cleanroom

Micronova Nanofabrication Cleanroom is an open access facility. Process and measurement equipment can be used according to separate agreements by other universities, research institutes and companies.

There are also areas dedicated to use by guest companies, and companies can also rent more limited space for their own equipment.

The maintenance of cleanroom conditions, infrastructure and media as well as process and measurement equipment is handled by the Nanofabrication Centre staff (VTT and Aalto).

The bay / chase structure of the cleanroom allows for dedicated areas for processes such as lithography, plasma etching, wet processing, oxidation and CVD furnace processes, sputtering, wafer bonding, electrochemical deposition, ion implantation, measurements and analysis.


VTT at Micronova
Heini Saloniemi
Team Leader Cleanroom Operations
Tel. +358 20 722 4541
Email: ulrika.gyllenberg [at] vtt [dot] fi (


Aalto at Micronova
Mika Koskenvuori
Director of Aalto Nanofab
Tel. +358 50 381 1802
Email: mika.koskenvuori [at] aalto [dot] fi