Year of Manufacture and Installation:

2008 / 2008


A versatile system for thin film deposition. Equipped with 10 kV electron-gun, and with six targets on a revolver type platform. The system is cryopumped, it has a load-lock and oxygen inlet for tunnel junction fabrication.

Key Features and Accessories:

• Sample tilting with half a degree resolution
• Continuous sample rotation
• Substrate heating with quartz lamp and temperature measurement by pyrometer 
• Substrate cleaning with argon plasma gun
• Oxygen line for in-situ oxidation

Key Specifications:

• Sample size: up to 4" wafer
• Working pressure: 10-6 to 10-8 mbar
• Substrate temperature: Room temperature to 250°C
• Deposition rate: 0.1 - 1 nm/s
• Pumping time needed: ~15 min

Substrate Size:


Allowed Materials:

To evaporate: Al, Ti, Ag, Au, Pd, Cu, Ge. Everything else, contact main users

Forbidden Materials:

Magnetic materials

Availability and Cost:

Availability Class: F (Use allowed for all researchers with permission.)
Price Category: medium

Name, Model and Manufacturer:

Electron-beam evaporator,
Instrumentti Mattila 9912


Nanofab S10