SEM with EBL lithography

Supra40.jpgYear of Manufacture and Installation:

2005 / 2006


Electron beam microscope / Electron beam writer (Zeiss Supra 40)

Key Features and Accessories:

The Supra 40 is our field emission scanning electron microscope installed in dec. 2005.
It is equipped with the latest version of the Gemini column which delivers high resolution even at low acceleration voltages (2.1nm at 1kV).
At low acceleration voltages charging effects in non-conducting samples are strongly reduced, therefore gold coating is not necessary.
The system is upgraded with a beam blanker and a pattern generator software (Raith Quantum), which makes it convertible into an electron beam writer.

Key Specifications:

Resolution: 2.1 nm at 1 kV, 1nm at 20 kV, 0.8 nm at 30kV

Electron source: Shottky field emitter
Acceleration voltage 100V to 30kV

In-lens secondary electron detector and Everhart-Thornley secondary electron detector
Pattern generator: Raith Quantum (2.5MHz) with electrostatic beam blanker (100kHz)

Substrate Size:

The span of the motorized sample stage is large enough for 4" wafers. 6" wafers can also be loaded with restrictions in the stage movements. Holders are available for small specimens.
Stage span x,y 130mm; z 50mm; R 360°; q -5...+70°

Allowed Materials:

clean room compatible materials

Forbidden Materials:

All non-cleanroom-compatible materials, out gassing specimens, liquids

Availability and Cost:

Availability Class: F (Use allowed for all researchers with permission.)
Price Category: High

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