Micronova in Brief

Micronova is Finland's National Research Infrastructure for micro- and nanotechnology, jointly run by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University. Our mission is to develop innovative, enabling technologies, and to apply these in practical micro- and nanosystems.

Micronova's expertise covers the entire micro-nano innovation chain, from basic device physics and materials research to the development of new fabrication techniques and device prototypes, and even small scale manufacturing. One of our key strengths is close collaboration with industry. Furthermore, teaching and researcher training form an important part of Micronova's activities. Applications developed at Micronova include microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), optical and wireless sensors, millimeter-wave devices, photonics systems, biosensors, microfluidics, nanoelectronic and quantum devices, radiation detectors and instruments for space technology.

Located on the Otaniemi Technology Campus 10km west of Helsinki city center, Micronova brings together 350 professionals from the parent organisations as well as industry. Micronova is also open to researchers from outside the center. Our modern facilities include 2600 m2 of cleanrooms and processing lines for silicon CMOS, MEMS, III-V optoelectronics and thin film devices.


VTT at Micronova
Howard Rupprecht
Vice President, Micronova Manufacturing Services
Tel. +358 407 360685
Email: howard.rupprecht [at] vtt [dot] fi

Aalto at Micronova
Mika Koskenvuori
Director of Aalto Nanofab
Tel. +358 50 381 1802
Email: mika.koskenvuori [at] aalto [dot] fi

Howard Rupprecht, CEO

Tel. +358 407 360685
Email: howard.rupprecht [at] vtt [dot] fi