News: Archive 2013

How to commercialise innovations in the health sector

28.01.2013 How can we find new applications for technologies in the field of healthcare? How do we transform ideas into commercial products? On 23 January, business executives in the health sector and 80 other people interested in the topic gathered to consider these questions at a Health Factory workshop organised at Micronova.

Presentations from Sensing Opportunities for Diagnostics in Healthcare and Wellbeing seminar 20.11.2012

22.03.2013 This combined workshop and seminar brought together leading experts from industry and research to identify new opportunities created by microsensing technologies for bioanalytics and medical diagnostics.

VTT MEMS Fabry-perot interferometer

25.03.2013 VTT MEMS Fabry-perot interferometer tuneable filter technology for spectrometers, hyperspectral imaging and applications: promo video and animation

Transducers / Eurosensors 2013 exhibition in Barcelona, Spain between June 17 - 19. 2013

25.03.2013 VTT Memsfab participates in Transducers / Eurosensors 2013 exhibition in Barcelona, Spain between June 17 - 19 2013.

18.7 % black silicon solar cells

03.04.2013 Scientists at Aalto University, Finland and Fraunhofer ISE, Germany report an efficiency of 18.7 % for black silicon solar cells, the highest efficiency reported so far for a black silicon solar cell.

Innovation ecosystem for bio- and nanotechnologies and nanoelectronics is visioned to Otaniemi

18.06.2013 VTT and Aalto University are planning an innovation ecosystem, which combines bio- and microtechnologies and nanoelectronics (MicroNanoBio) topics. A basic infrastructure is already there but operations need to be developed further and made more efficient. Openness, knowledge integration, new kind of communication and close cooperation with various interest groups are needed to create new innovations. Operations of the ecosystem will be directed to improve competitiveness, social welfare, society and economic life.